Update failure, now game will not run

Any advice would be welcome.

I think on 28th sept we were required to update the game. So I clicked ok to install. I then got "installation stopped" pop up. Every time I tried to run the install I got this message after several attempts I then deleted teh download and started again. Same thing happened "installation stopped". So I left it a day.

Started the install again, and got "installation stopped".

I uninstalled the game, then told the xbox one x to download the hole game again. So it had to download 4 files, horizons, arena, elite (small file) and then the elite dangerous core. the 1st 3 I was able to install, but the core again "installation stopped".

I called microsoft, wnet through on the phone, clearing the cache. changed storage from external to internal (space on board is 720gb) external is 1 TB....

We then deleted my profile. and I got "installation stopped".

We then did s full restart of the xbox, reinitialised it, clean start so to speak, but with out a reformat. and I am still getting "installation stopped".

Now I am screwed. I have raised a ticket, but I does look like an issue with the main file "elite dangerous core" @19.4gb.

So I can't play, and I am worried I may lose 2 years of progress.


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My mate had a problem installing his, and support couldn't help. It was something simple his end, in the end. I'll ask him


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Looking back at the messages, he couldn't fix it because he was doing 'the wrong factory reset' 🤔

So it looks like a full factory reset of the console should fix it (hopefully). Thankfully it's a rare problem.

By the way, your progress is stored server-side so you won't lose your Elite CMDR
hi thanks for your help. you were right, i had to do full reset and unplug my external HD so it couldnt use my saved profile.... Elite now up and running from internal drive.

gotta reinstall 20 odd chuffin games now. hopefully as the other games are on the external it will be easier.

many thanks for your help.


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Well I'm glad there's a fix, of sorts. I'll ping CS and let them know there's an installation issue (and a fix).

Thanks for visiting the forum!
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