update free PlanetCoaster


Today I propose to make a Coaster Planet Update button in the games menu for the new games and contained the bug fix and optimization ..
The update will be available approximately every month selons develloppeusr of the games.
the update will Free
this idea comes from a very famous games Minecraft s'apelle ..

Good night
Got longer than i thought.

TLDR: Don't see it happening it's not a business model that works well outside of early access, minecraft was not a "complete game" when it released.

Monthly update cycle is generally reserved for titles in an alpha/beta state or as a legacy to that process. Games like kerbal space program, prison architect and even minecraft are born out of early access. This business model worked for them but I would put it to the developers to update like paradox games EUIV, Crusader Kings, Cities:skylines. DLC for big updates and free patches for fixes. Only because it is a sustainable business model that keeps the game evolving. When the dlc drops everyone gets something but the people that buy the dlc will get more content, even if it is a challenge map pack or a new set of scenery objects.

While I dislike the way DLC is handled with most companies, if there is value in the content on offer I am quite happy to lay down some cash. With modding being on the minds of the developers getting "free" content updates is not really needed, just bug fixes.

Now my expectation is for it to follow how rct3 was done, good size expansions(dlc) with a few bug fix patches between releases. From some of the language used in the developer diaries and interviews this seemed the likely direction. Quite happy to be proven wrong but I don't see free monthly content patches as a long term business model.

I would also like to point out that minecraft is not finished. It may be "released" but its not done. There was no real design document for that game so it is an evolution on who ever heads the team. With Microsoft dropping some large coin on it they will want to see some return on that investment, I would expect minecraft 2.0 sooner than later. Notice how the development on the java version has slowed drastically, this is no coincidence. Hopefully its written in something nicer than java.

Also the games mentioned above are a much smaller scope, with small teams. Making free monthly updates when your overheads are quite small is much easier to do.