Updated Grid System

Hi everyone,

I really like the new way the grid system works to build paths and buildings, but in my opinion there still are some flaws. Here are some improvements I'd add:

  • 'Dynamic' grid size, this should allow you to place a 2x2 grid for your queues which - in my opinion - helps a lot because I frequently build queues with the 2m wide queue path. I know this is already possible by selecting an already existing 2m wide path piece, but it's just impossible to snap it on an 4x4 grid.
  • Selectable grid for rides and buildings, you'd basically be able to select a grid - just like with the queues - and place your ride station on that grid. This obviously wouldn't be possible for flatrides because they're not grid-based objects.
Let me know what you think about the idea!

Many thanks,