General Gameplay Upgraded security vehicle armor, more rangers/ranger teams, group transport, poaching threats for your park and lethal countermeasures

So since rangers can get destroyed easily we need a new upgrade mechanic for jeeps it goes like this Armor 1.0 is the mercedes g, armor 2.0 is the humvee, armor 3.0 is textron tiger, and Armor 4.0 MRAP the fallen kingdom update armor allows reduced dinosaur damage to jeeps and trucks additional armor allows for more ranger teams inside of one jeep that means the player can play with the NPC/AI while tranquilizing dinosaurs this also adds possibility for multiplayer. Lethal countermeasures include lethal injection darts (green darts) and if universal allows it we can even have guns like a 50 cal rifle or attach and minigun to an acu chopper allowing us to have a little arcade game mowing down raptors and rexes. A little much ik but i enjoy the acu mechanic and would love to see you take it to lethal measures. So an upgrade for the acu team would be faster than the ranger team but easily destoryed so in the jwe cinematic trailer i saw a bike going down with the acu team to tranq the rex so an additonal upgrade would be the atv kawasaki brute force 750 from jurassic world with one ranger on it and he can also tranq dinosaurs and is faster than the jeeps it can have a small minimum upgrade to its armor and it will turn into kawasaki teryx4 which can have a ranger in the back and one upfront both of these vehicles will be weaker than the base jeep the 750 brute will have 25% the health of the base jeep and the teryx4 will have 50% health of the base jeep but they can be additional help. group ttransport will allow us to transport more than one dinosaur in one go depending on the size so like 20 compys will be allowed to fit in one crate and 5 raptors. live transport that means we can capture dinosaurs without tranqing them so we pick them up with the Boeing-Vertol_234LR chinook Fallen kingdom/claires sanctuary update and poaching threats so like biosyn will send in there own helicopters like military grade and they will either kill your dinosaurs or live capture them and you only have like 1 minute to take down the chopper or destroy hunter vehicles hope you consider this if you ever read it. I know its alot but as always if you consider it just take your time
Armor 1.0 concept.jpg
Armor 2.0 concept.jpg
Armor 3.0 Concept.jpg
Armor 4.0 concept.jpg
ACU upgrade concept.jpg
ACU upgrade concept armor 1.0 conceppt.jpg
lethal countermeasure concept 1.jpg
lethal dinosaur injection concept.jpg
live transport concept.png
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