Parks '' UTOPIA '' ....Coming soon to a Steam near you.

I finally finished this park!!!!

Here is a couple of night-pic-teasers. Btw, I don't use other peoples stuff, and ideas. I try to come up with new ideas.
There is a lot more stuff to show if you are interested....i used maybe 50% of the surface area.

In pic 1 and 2 you can see on the left side a heavy-duty Coaster-track-support made for my ride ''Vertigo'' Drop=153 meters.

In pic 3 you can see my Tall tower i call ''SKY WALKER'' (It has nothing to do with Star Wars) It's soo high up that you are walking in the sky=Sky Walker.....There is a Spawn point up in the tower. It takes the guests 17-18 minutes to walk down. I like to torture the guests [happy]

(Edit=I will also make a blueprint of the tower...all you need to do is build the stairs. hehe)


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The layout looks good and interesting.

Personally, I enjoy seeing pics with a lot more themeing, entrance buildings, shops, stalls, and ride queues.

looking forward to more!
Here are 10 other photos..... got more stuff to show.
You see a tennis-court with the real messurements. And a Pool, and garden. All only for the Hotel guests.
And a Fontain that i also made. And i think the Sun loungers looks pretty good...that was a 10 minute job.

''Vortex'' i call the hole-in-the-ground-coaster. On the tower i used the Patches as an important part of the design. Under the tower you can see a Station for the Coaster ''Vertigo'' ..i got that to 9.02 in happiness, and the other two results are green too.

The basic idea for the park is that the lower underground part is mostly for younger kids, and the upper part is mostly for older kids and adults.Screenshot_3.jpgScreenshot_4.jpgScreenshot_5.jpgScreenshot_6.jpgScreenshot_7.jpgScreenshot_8.jpgScreenshot_9.jpgScreenshot_10.jpgScreenshot_11.jpgScreenshot_13.jpg
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