''UTOPIA'' - Park .....you tried the rest, now try the best?


Here is my 99% finished park. The last 1% is the part that will never be finished... I worked on it for a year. That is enough.

This is a real park. (if we ignore the hovering UFO:eek:) Not the Confusing mess like you are used to from most Steam-parks. I tried a LOT of them. MOST of them are either very Confusing, Very messy. Lacking in details and design. and the commen theme seems to be BAD COASTERS!... Some parks have good looking stuff to look at though.

I uploaded this park and some bluprints mostly because i wanted to prove to myself that Quality just gets lost in all the Bull-Droppings on Steam. I was not dissapointed :confused:....Download my Unique blueprint ''Spine Bus-Ter'' for example, and try to find a single pixel in the wrong place.

Pics?...nono. Please use your imagination for this one...Thanks.......(I uploaded pics before.= pointless. I was making too good looking stuff)

Imagine a cool TOWER so tall that it takes the guests 30 minutes to walk down.. So tall that you can NOT even get up there if do not fly in to the tower, look down, and back up upwards. (At least i have not found any other way to get above the tower) ...i am maybe 1-2 pixels from the absolut building-limit, but it's possible to fly higher..... If you want to build a taller tower you have to DIG down first to the bottom.

Imagine a hovering MOTHER-SHIP cooler and more detailed than has been made so far buy all 100 000+ planco-players....i even managed to throw in some realism in the Mother Ship, because the Foo-fighters was seen by many pilots..

Imagine a Gold-Pyramid-Hotel-Restaurant with ''real'' rooms (empty though)
It's more or less pixel-perfect like i always go for....I never really get there, but i try.

Imagine MORE hidden and in plain sight, things to see.....
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