Release v1.2.0 elgato stream deck button plugin for elite dangerous

Please try version 221 or older which uses an older version of the barraider tools
Also please check the log file in the plugin directory for errors
Thanks, that was the clue I needed. I looked at the changes from 221 to 224, and one change was the sound action on button press. I also noticed that you can clear the sound path by clicking the word "Sound" to the left. So I cleared sounds in the 224 version, and that fixed the fakepath. I then found I can reproduce the issue by selecting a Toggle button, On image, Off image, then a bad sound file, then changing the ON or OFF image. Seems fine until you go back to change an image. And yes, the log file is showing an unhandled exception, although I couldn't find the sound file mentioned and it is hard to follow for me.

BTW, The App never seemed to crash, as I could still assign other ED actions to other buttons.

Thanks for your help. And this App is awesome!

TLDR: Bad sound file caused issue.
I deleted the bad file, and it is not in the recycle bin. But I tried renaming the readme file to .wav, and .ogg, and it creates the fakepath issue. Even just using readme.txt creates the issue when selected as a sound file.
That was fast. :)

Is there any way to see which key it is using for a button? I know it searches the ED files for the keys. So if hardpoints is defaulted it will be the "u" key, if not it will find the keybind. I have one button that isn't working and I don't know if it is not bound, or just doing something different than expected.
I am very new to ED, so I think I just don't understand what it should do. Which is why I wanted to try to back trace it to the key bind... and I didn't want to bother you with newbie questions.

I haven't figured out Supercruise (FSD), HyperSpace Jump (FSD), as Toggle FSD seems to do what is needed. And I am not sure if "Next Jump Destination" is the same as "Target Next System In Route". (I am told that is the best way to run from interdictions.) If it isn't the same, I can just map a button to a simple keypress in the Stream Deck.
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The only thing this plugin does is press a keyboard button. That is defined in the binds file. This is explained on GitHub. The name of the function in the plugin is the same as on the ED configuration Screen.
I can't help you with general ED questions about what each function does.
I figured as much, which is why I asked if I can find the keyboard button it is pressing. I don't see a "Next Jump Destination" with or without spaces in my custom.3.0.bind file. But I assume it can't tell me which key, so I will keep trying to figure it out on my end.

So far your app has made my purchase of the Stream Deck justified, as it helps a ton.
If you open the plugin file static.html you can find the binding

<option value="TargetNextRouteSystem">Next Jump Dest</option>
Hi all, I purchased the xl 32 2 days ago and installed this last night. It works flawlessly. I even did a few modifications to the icons for personal preference. I would just like to say a big thank you to Mhwing for putting this together. It really is fantastic. 👍
version 2.2.6

added more exception handling and more logging to bitmap functions
(to try to diagnose a reported crash)
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