Parks Valleyfair recreation

That was a Knott’s tower with three drop towers from the workshop the old drop towers that I plan to replace with the newer space shot type from magnificent rides pack. I started this park over a year ago but started working on it again. I’m trying to get the path layout nailed down. I’m using a recent park map and satellite maps to build this, and looking at photos of buildings around the park. I was never there, but I live near Dorney Park another Cedar Fair park. Dorney’s 1993 steam train ride uses a train from Valleyfair. VF must have had a spare that they were willing to ship to Dorney for the 1993 season, first full year Dorney was owned by Cedar Fair. This park has a Looping Starship like Kings Dominion but it’s a Viking ship like KD’s. The Planet Coaster one is a space shuttle like some Six Flags parks had. I guess I’ll use the space shuttle and paint it dark brown. Someday they should make the Viking ship version in a future ride pack. The pirate ship doesn’t invert.
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I would like to update that I will be able to fit the entire park in, but the back of the park is a tight squeeze. Renegade has a modified layout to fit in the area past Chickie’s & Pete’s, formerly Red Garter Saloon. The white dotted line is not too far past Chickie’s & Pete’s. Excalibur is located closer to Wild Thing than the real park because of the white dotted line border. I will have some of the waterpark, but fake slides and pools.
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