[FEDERATION] 'Vanguard Initiative' CG And Open Escort baattle wing.

The "Vanguard Initiative"..
(squad tag: VNGD)

Currently ranked in squadron combat as ( 57th ) this season 😊

We Will stand by to protect and serve all those that seek protection from the 'Vagrant's, theives and lowlifes' that assail all honest and hardworking Pilot's federation members!
Enlist today!
"Faugh A Ballagh"
o7 Cmdrs

(All time zones covered and soon to be, all platforms)

Currently enlisting Pc/xbox/Ps4 pilots willing to engage in long flights and aren't afraid of possible re-buys!
Add me or search for us through the Squadrons tab.

GT: Aj31091
Squad tag: VNGD
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