vECM - The Virtual Elite Community Meet - Sat 11th April

Hey ED community, been a while since I been here but, I am also a Twitch streamer and I also stream Train Simulator 2020 usually 7-10p.m. Eastern US time.

I'll try to do some streaming if you want to come relax and chill while I play a virtual railroad engineer!

Let's do this!
Good morning @everyone from the vECM team! As is traditional, we all stayed up too late last night talking and prepping things and maybe having a drink or three.

First order of the day is some freshly ground coffee and some breakfast. Then we head to the virtual venue to complete the setup.

Over 1000 raffle tickets gone already which is great.
AND the discord alone now has more people in it than the capacity of the REAL event. (thanks, @Palantir for spotting that)

T minus 1h40m
Join me in two hours for some retro #zxspectrum #elite action as part of the virtual @EliteMeetEvent - I have an hour to get as far as I can on the original #8bit game! :)

Amazing day popping in and out of the events while the FPO gave DIY orders.
MAssive thank you to everyone who helped make this happen and the FD staff who gave up their Saturdays to take part, and looked visibly shocked by Buck.
Anyone who sat thru the live show and didn't have leaky eyes has no heart.

Thank you one and all, For The Mug!
Just wanted to drop by and say what an amazing event. I tuned in and watched the Twitch stream from the comfort of my motion sim (which was due for debut at ECM anyway). Played some cqc this morning with some skilled pilots and just finished SRV racing with Alec and a great bunch of commanders - Great fun . Phew!! - well done all.
A big thank you to the organisers for all the hard work you guys and gals put in. I had a lot of fun and the real life restrictions did little to stop that.

I intended on doing the quiz but got sucked into Sea of Thieves for most of the day,which I've not been able to play with an organised crew ever before. The time flew by and we still had a lot of laughs-I got to play games and make new friends which is always a great part of ECM.

The only livestream I did get a chance to watch in the end was the raffle. Though thanks to all the recordings out there...I've got lots to do tomorrow with catching up on what people were doing today.

Once again I'd like to say a big thank you to all involved. This community is amazing and ECM is always a celebration of that. Thank you.

While I really missed out on seeing many old friends again this year.... I know that next year will be that bit much more awesome. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

So that's a big thank you from me and: FOR THE MUG!


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Had a great time kudos to all the event organisers who put their hearts and souls into turning the disappointment of the event being postponed into a brilliant virtual event.

Had a lot of fun remembering how to play in CQC after a considerable layoff and I hope I didn't disgrace myself too much.

Won sod all in the raffle (but not surprised I never flippin do.)

Watching the reactions to the new FD CMs at the end if the night at Buck will stay with me for a long time... :D

Again, well done to everyone involved who made this such an amazing event.

Such a superb Saturday, I’d like to thank all the event organisers, the streamers and all Commanders, we had such a laugh.

I remained on the ‘Main Stage’ livestream all day, I had intended to play some games, or join the PS4 community for a a bit on something. But was fully distracted by two incredible charities and all the awesome things going on everywhere...

Highlights included: everyone’s faces inc. the FDev crew after returning from Bucks late night video, 😂 😆 😂

Cookie and Archie, two wonderful pups and the stunning work done by the charities, such wonderful causes. 🐶

The bridge crew hour, when Moof disappeared in so much smoke 💨 The comments were a highlight during this hour.

The free bar we all had 😉

o7. For the Mug
Thanks for the kind words everyone. From the moment we decided to pull the plug on the physical event, outrageous amounts of time were put in by the team to craft an online version and bring everyone together. Obviously, one of the great things about hosting it online was that so many people who couldn't physically be there on Saturday could join us and take part. There's plenty we can take away from this to enhance the "real life" event as and when it returns and be more inclusive to the wider community. It's great to see all the feedback.

Other than the crew, the sponsors (Frontier, Spidermind, HCS, Tinman et al) really pulled out all the stops. As did the streaming community - once again too many to name, but Paige, Drew, Psykit, Psyche, Lave Radio and others. The fun events like the docking darts, chess tournament, EDRPG, quiz, raffle and Radio show were great and we learned a lot about the integration of OBS with things like Zoom.

Also to the "media" helpers who acted as moderators and helpers on discord, teamspeak, twitch chat, twitter who lifted so much work off the organising team to help it run smoothly. Don't think I've ever seen a live stream with less salt and so much positive "!!!!".

The donors of the prizes, those that put into charity, the people who admitted to suffering with some strange reaction to nearby onions when we played videos and those who joined in after-hours on the really exceptionally rude version of Cards against Humanity.

Frontier were great as well - we were expecting two of their team popping in briefly during the day, but Tim, Bruce and Will actually joined in all day, even being party to the particularly NSFW "Buck's Top Trucker" in the evening (the look of horror on their faces was one of the highlights). Given this was Tim's first week and he's been WFH since his start date and under 2 months since Bruce started, this was quite an introduction to the community.


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Well I had a great day even if much of my Second Life time was spent trying to get a working big TV screen to show the Twitch channel. Think I bought three different ones in all and eventually got 2 of them to show Twitch, but only the chat - neither would work for the video! I also have my in-game media channel tuned to Hutton radio and I know from some comments made that some were listening to that. :) I tried to keep my day as close to 'typical convention' as I could, even having a pizza delivered for my tea, and staying up far too late playing Cards Against Humanity! :D OK, it's our son's birthday tomorrow so I have a cake to fnish for that and we need to make plans for where to go..... oh wait.... LOL

Some screenshots from the SL event:






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To echo what others have said, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the day. The organisers did an amazing job of coordinating across so many different Twitch streams, Discords and games. And there were surprisingly few hiccups for something of this scale being done for the first time, the raffle wouldn't have been the raffle without some delays :D

I flitted around different streams helping Paige with one of her bits and taking part in the racing in the evening. Plus with people coming into the main stream to keep us updated on things going on elsewhere, it did actually feel quite like the real thing. It really is a fantastic amount of money to raise for two great charities.

Here's some of the highlights of the ship racing that we had going on

Given this was Tim's first week and he's been WFH since his start date and under 2 months since Bruce started, this was quite an introduction to the community.
Some of the best bits of the community though! I too was really glad to see how much they got involved (Bruce is pretty good at Gang Beasts ;) )
The Gang Beasts segment on the main stream was awesome, proper 😂 !!!

Hey Ozric, thanks for sharing a vid of some racing, completely missed that during the day, so it’s good to see what was going on. Unless I blew my commander up, there was no way I could have made it over there, but I’m on PS4 anyway...

Another shoutout for what was clearly a fantastic day. Alas I missed most of it doing family stuff (even in lock-down the Easter show must go on!) But as requested by @Vingtetun I'll gladly share what went on at Cortes Base for the Elite: Dangerous racing segment at the end of the evening. So basically there are currently two standing time trial challenges at Cortes Base in the Ross 1047 system - an SRV challenge hosted by the Buckyball Racing Club and a ship circuit challenge hosted by the Elite Racers. Anyway, the simple plan was for myself to cordinate live racing of the former while @Sanderling coordinated live racing of the latter.

I got myself back to Cortes Base in the afternoon (I'd spent the last week or so mining in Borann, a soul destroying activity that I do not recommend) and there were already a bunch of people there practicing in glorious daylight (which thankfully lasted right through until the end of the evening session) so we ran a few test races and verified that a) the plan was gonna work and b) it was gonna be AWESOME!

Around 9:15pm I logged back in and the place was rammed. We had 10 or so people out on the ridge for the SRV race and about the same inside for the ship race. The latter were experiencing some instancing issues so switched to a PG while we stayed in Open. @Ozric has already shared some video of the ship circuit racing (which is brilliant, I heartily recommend giving it a go). The SRV race was simple. You started parked on one of the jetty like ramps that protrude from the outside edge of the city ..


.. then race along the ridge until the city is 10km away, stop, turn around, and then race back again. The winner is the one who's SRV hits any part of the city first. I had planned to do some tag-team racing as well (pairing fast drivers with slow drivers where the 2nd driver can't head off until the 1st has completed his run) but in the end most people enjoyed the simple race format so much that we just did that all night (I think we wrapped up around midnight). Here's a couple of videos, the first from my camera ship (voices have been chipmunked to protect the innocent) ..

.. and the second an in-cockpit pov of one of my numerous failed attempts to catch Shaye Blackwood (also includes a nice overtake of Sgurr in the craters out at the 8km line and then Sgurr sneaking back past me on the home straight).

We did also do a few "no holds barred" races (where ramming, shooting, gouging, pretty much anything was allowed). These were hilarious resulting in SRVs being pursued along the ridge by enraged Goliaths, many explosions, most people WANTED and much general carnage but alas I have no video evidence of this happening.

All in all a brilliant evening and really glad to have been involved with what was clearly such a fantastic day for everyone involved. Massive thanks to the organisers for taking what could have been (and I'm sure still was) a bitter disappointment for many people and turning it into something really heartwarming in these difficult times. Bravo!
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