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Hi there, commanders.

I have been working on Vector Sigma (or just Sigma) since 2017. It is a free Voice Attack profile which was born based on Anubis (by Zenuel).

Of course Sigma "was born" to satisfy my needs while flying in ED, but then some friends tried it and made some suggestions/requests, so it grew a lot. Sigma can work with or without EDDI. But then, for Sigma to show its true potential, you better have EDDI installed as a VA plugin.

Some of Sigma's key features:
  • Simple panels control - it will open the left, top, bottom or right panel for you
  • Automatic keybindings detection - you won't need to set the game keybinds to match Sigma's or the other way around. It should get the information from the game and work accordingly (as far as all the functions it uses are mapped in-game)
  • It supports more than 15 Text-To-Speech (TTS) voices - by default Sigma will work with almost all Microsoft English TTS "voices" and a bunch more from IVONA 2 package.
  • You can set up to 5 different voices to be "on duty" on your ship at the same time - I divided the ship in 5 "areas/sections", being First Officer, Navigation, Helm/Weapons, Engineering and Science Officer. You can have one voice for each of those sections if you like.
  • The Galaxypedia - there are hundreds of subjects Sigma can tell you about. Among them you have information about the commodities, materials, powerplay characters and astronomy/science subjects.
  • It can keep EDDI less verbose - if you don't like EDDI because "it talks too much", Sigma might help you with that. Since version 3.7.1 it should let EDDI talk only when needed (or requested by the pilot), without losing the ability to get crucial information from EDDI. But this feature is optional. You choose when EDDI will be verbose or not.
The projects' site -> https://sites.google.com/view/vector-sigma/home
Current version -> 3.7.5

I will edit this post everytime a new version is released. If you have any suggestions or complaints, please let me know. I'll try and accommodate requests as much as possible.

Oh, if you have a TTS voice which Sigma "doesn't support" out of the box, let me know and I can add it to the supported list. The more the merrier, right?

And yes, the project's name is a tribute to a character from the Transformers cartoon (80's).

P.S. - I am brazilian, so English is not my primary language. If you spot any mistakes I made (be on Sigma's commands/responses or my posts, feel free to correct me. You will be helping me improve)
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OK, version 3.7.5 is out. Please notice the install instructions have been updated.

That's because now Sigma and the Galaxypedia are separated profiles.
Hi Kenjiro,

I discovered your work and I am loving it. I have it all working but for one command. When I ‘request docking’ the left panel opens, goes to contacts and selects the station but does not actually request docking. The sound playes though.

Something I need to do in order to make it work?
Hi RedeyeStorm,

That sounds weird. I am sorry, but I have go ask: when you tried the "request docking" command were you withing 7.5km from the station?

A similar weird behavior happened to me a few times, but it looked like the station was too busy (or the game was lagging) and it would issue the approval to my request.

I am travelling at the moment and It's been some time since I last used Voice Attack, but I will retest said command and see if anything weird happens.

Thanks for the feedback.
Hi Kenjiro,

no problem it is often that the simple things are the solution. However I did give the order within 7,5 km.

it is not that the station does not respond. When I a give the command I am Watching the panel and I do not see the ’request docking’-bar light up as it usually does when you issue the command manually.

I also checked the key bindings to see if I missed a command (happend with other commands) but I can not find a relevant command.
Well didn’t fix anything really. The first time I was looking at the left panel and found that the command didn’t complete. Later I tried the command again but I was looking ahead ou of the cockpit and it worked as it should.

I have no idea why it doesn’t seem to work if you look at the contacts panel. Will try again with looking at the contacts panel. Maybe it was just a glitch???
Yes, could be a glitch. I am back to my town, so tonight I should play QUITE A LITTLE BIT :p I will use VA+Sigma and test those situations
Okay I am officially befudeld. Tried it again and it works fine now even if I look at the panel. Probably something I screwed up when I tried it the first couple of times. Great work anyway. Respect.
So, look's like it was a glitch (in the game, most likely). I am testing Sigma since yesterday and "request docking" worked everytime. Looking at the left panel or not ;)
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