Vehicle Skins with Film Characters

I’d love to see the vehicle skin option expanded upon in JWE2. I got a little tired of seeing the same driver and tranq guy in ever single one of my jeeps. It would be cool if we could have an Ellie and Muldoon skin option for instance, how cool would it be to drive these characters around? Or how about a Dennis Nedry skin, Roland Timbo and Ludlow skin…
Probably cause getting the likenesses of actors/characters is difficult and expensive. It's easier and cheaper to just use some generic character model.

Out of all the people I could see being in the vehicles Muldoon and Owen Grady would make the most sense. But even then there would only be one of them cause you can either have them driving or using the tranquilizer gun.

Nedry was an IT guy so he wouldn't be in the jeeps helping chase down dinosaurs. Ellie Sattler was a paleobotanist who was brought to the island for her expert opinion. She really only dealt with extinct plants. She wouldn't know a whole lot about dinosaurs, especially living ones. Muldoon was the park game warden in the book and movie. Own Grady seems to have the same kind of role in JW. So those 2 make sense. The others not so much.

Also Robert Peck is dead, he played the role of Robert Muldoon in JP, so it might be hard to get an ok to use his likeness. Chris Pratt won't even do the voice work for the game so the chances of getting his likeness is pretty non existent I believe. All you will see of him is the picture of his character in the movies.
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