Velociraptor model is not movie-accurate.

Dear Frontier, the models for the Velociraptors are not accurate to Jurassic World. You see their snouts, the line of their mouth, is a straight line in your game, yet in the films it curves upwards toward the back of the snout. This is very important as it kind of ruins the whole species in the game for me. The Raptors are arguably the most important Dinosaurs of the Jurassic franchise, yet I find myself regrettably avoiding breeding them in my parks because they are anatomically incorrect to how they are portrayed in film.

You can see their pretty "smiles" in the film image vs their straight mouths in the game. You can see that it truly makes their appearance.

Is it possible and are you willing to fix this?

Thank you.


Dang you really don’t even breed them I mean they still mostly look like the movie raptors and they still have Their iconic raptor calls.
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