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Vending Machines, Popcorn, and Gumball Machines Not Working


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected
Shops and Facilities

So this has been an issue since you added them in that has never been fixed. I noticed when I add regular stalls into my park, none of the guests want to use vending machines, gumball machines, and popcorn machines, except for the game machines, but if I get rid of all the stalls they want to use them again. Please fix this! They are practically useless when we have stalls.

Steps to Reproduce
Just add stalls and they will stop using the vending, popcorn, and gumball machines.



Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Hi Evolution,

Thanks for reporting this issue to us.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce this issue on my end. While in small numbers, guests will use the popcorn and gumball machines in my park.
Despite this, I will get a second opinion on the matter and see if anything needs changing.
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