Vertical ability for launch coasters.

I could go on and on about launch coasters having vertical track and inversions in real life, i could list all the coasters that do, but i dont feel i need to.

please add the ability to go vertical/inversions on launch coasters. you kept it off other coasters for "realism" so lets add it to the coasters that realistically have it as well.
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Agreed. To be fair though, the only coaster I'm aware of to use that exact track type is Formula Rossa which does not invert or go vertical. I imagine there's a box track Intamin on the way which, I hope, allows us to make rides ranging from Kingda Ka through Maverick and Millennium Force. Maybe they're struggling to get those crazy supports just right.
I think the launched coaster currently in the game is a slightly different type to the launched coasters that go vertical irl but i agree if we don't get a similar launched coaster that allows vertical then i'd really love to see that ability added to the current one. Making a ride like Stealth at Thorpe Park is something i'd love
To be fair, the new Intamin track type is also used in Port Aventura for their new launch coaster which goes vertical, even though it technically is LSM launched, but oh well... ;)
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