Very upset customer

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happy customer nothing to see here.

Now I just need screen shots from the 3.3 beta showing the notoriety.
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Could you provide a bit more info in the who, what, where, when, why and how departments please?
lol the mod deleted their own post.

and lily...

something like that... how about this...

"We are sorry that (steam/our own ridiculous rules) makes us do these things. please forgive us and keep giving us money periodically."
You know OP, you could've just stuck to an anarchy system while waiting for your notoriety to decay...

In anarchy, notoriety is meaningless except you can't pay off bounty.

You can however, in anarchy space, do everything else, including blowing up innocents, as there is no law. Hell you can still claim bounties in anarchy, or fight in war, trade, anything really.

Git gud.
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