[LFG] Veteran pilot looking for AX group

Hello everyone,

Like the thread title suggest. I'm a veteran pilot looking for an AX group.

A little about me.
I'm not anti-xeno anymore that an bounty hunter is anti-human when they kill a pirate. I am however, admittedly and deeply anti-cyclops. I may have the dubious distinction of being the first pilot attacked by a cyclops at the dawn of the Thargoid content rollout. If not the first certainly one of the first. Since then I've explored all things Thargoid related which is some of the most engaging content elite has to offer. I consider myself a Xenophile overall with an open score to settle against the Cyclops that nearly killing my racing Courier with its unprovoked and reckless use of an EMP. A better man would let it go. I'm not that kind of man though, so until the last Cyclops is wiped from the galaxy I can't be certain I've had my revenge.

What I'm looking for in a group.
I'm looking for a squadron of competitive AX hunters to contribute towards and achieve my first Xeno defense holo. I'm not terribly social so a mandatory discord presence/team speak is a non starter. I prefer to be social when I choose to be social and work best behind the scenes contributing to common objectives.

What I can contribute to a group.
Since May of this year I've averaged about 35 solo interceptor kills a week to support my FC business. This mean I can contribute 70 million combat bonds a week towards the squadron's Xeno defense tally. Although I'm not looking at being a mentor I'm certainly able to answer questions and give advice on any topic. I do mean any topic too. I've played since premium beta and have literally done every game loop you can. Hence the FC business where I can play a shopkeeper as something new.

So, if your squadron is competitive in AX combat and you don't mind a pilot that would rather be sociable on his own terms while contributing significantly towards Xeno combat each week let me know.

Edit: I forgot to mention I'm on PC and am sitting on some unclaimed combat bonds from the last couple of days I'd rather redeem as part of a new squadron.

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We would like to bolster our squadron with some AX oriented cmdrs so if your interested boosting our AX rank your more than welcome.We are 17 years old faction Terran Colonial Forces ,we have several subsquadrons which are working together as 1st Terran Colonial Task Force joint Squadron.

You can check more nfo on inara: https://inara.cz/squadron/139/
Our discord : http://discord.io/TCTF
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