Roller Coasters Victor: An attempt at a Modern Floorless Rollercoaster

Disclaimer: I am not a roller coaster designing expert nor do I claim to be.

With that out of the way, I want to start off about what I think is really good about your creation :). For starters, I think the whole layout for the coaster station is really well done and it's clear you spent some time planning out how you wanted to come out. I also think that the elements used in the ride are also fairly good as well and I think you had the right idea in trying to make the ride spaced out while also smooth at the same time.

Now what I would suggest in terms of improvements are as follows.

- Spice up the track a little more by adding more degrees into the banked turns as well as simply adding more complexity to the layout. What I mean by this is that with B&M floorless coasters, while they tend to be fairly spaced out in comparison to their Inverted sibling, they still tend to be quite intricate in their layouts. They like to feature dive loops, corkscrews, as well as lots of fairly high banked turns that either roll very close to the ground or start towards the peak of a small hill.

Here is a great example of what a spiced up Floorless coaster looks like (THIS IS NOT MINE!)

THIS IS A VIDEO OF MY OWN - Serpent Strike

- Smooth smooth smooth and smooth some more. Floorless coasters...or any B&M coaster for that matter, tend to be very smooth roller coasters and I think you mostly did a good job with your coaster. I think that the turn that comes around the station area going towards the entrance of the ride, could be more smooth as well as more banked. If you add that to the ride, it will give it a really nice feel to that turn. Ultimately you want to sort of avoid turns that wide though if possible since it can dilute the intensity of the ride.

- Don't be afraid to come close to the ground. If there was one thing that I found a little unconventional about your design was that it was mostly raised off the ground which is good if you're accommodating for scenery under it, or rides going under the track, but if I may make the suggestion, I think your ride would benefit from getting nice and low on bottom of those hills/elements. Doing this sort of adds intensity to the ride I think since it puts the riders at edge even more so than floating 7-10ft at the lowest point...something about roller coasters going right down to the ground makes me feel like there's more gravitational resistance when the ride launches back up into the next hill/element.

- Overall I think you did a really good job and I hope that you can take into consideration, some of the tips I've offered. Again I'm no roller coaster designing expert, but because I like B&M floorless coasters, I feel like I have a tiny bit of an understanding on how they tend to look like/behave.

Keep up the great work and I'll look forward to your next creation :)!

Side Note: Try to use Nvidia Shadow Play or AMD ReLive to record your gameplay so that you can get smoother videos.