[VID] Terrain Editing Timelapse

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A new timelapse

Also interesting: at the end, is it a ticketbooth or not?
The "terrain editor" (unlike the "building editor") contains a big innovation and risk taking : the voxel approach.

And it's amazing !!! [yesnod][up]

I just hope it will be possible to paint the texture we want on the ground by hand (and not "ONLY" this automatic way by "biome") but I guess it's the only improvement we need (at least, for this tool)

My opinion.
I love it! I love how you can make stone "bridges" and such. Yes I knew it from earlier video but I love it. It is new for terraforming!

Also forgot to say I like how you can make it engulf the fence/wall.
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I know it's still early, but there should be folders and such for tabs like these, because when there are more items it'll get pretty confusing. [wacky]
The terraforming tool loks like the good next generation step for a Coaster game!!! That way to create rocks is fast and great!!! No more cubes ...

And on that way... Could we be able to create Flying Lands???

Just think in Floating islands on Avatar or Piter Pan. I think its going to be posible :p

I want a paint tool as Angelis said :)
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I love how the terrain already has so much detail. I'll no longer have to spend hours on painting it myself [noob]
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I love how the rocks can not only be used to create rock facades, but actually blend with the terraforming too!

Rockwork structures are a beautiful and too often overlooked part of theme park design, so it's amazing to see it implemented like this [up]
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