[video] Elite Dangerous "review"

Pretty much sums it up. :) With four accounts and thousands of hours in this game, I still enjoy it, for what it is. :)
There's a lot to like about elite. If there was real gameplay and less grind it could be the greatest game ever made. Hence why some of us get so frustrated.
Not to start an argument but what constitutes as real gameplay and how does one make a endless game with it?

I'll say no more than this:

What, I say what, was the point of that video?

It ain't sarc. it ain't a beat, it ain't a shine on. It's a failed attention grabber. Severely disappointed. I shall now don my green, velvatine cloak and walk out into the London fog. If only we had a steam punk version of Elite.....
Why is there always a single frame of This weird thing in all his videos though? it is some kind of subliminal messaging?

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