[Video] Elite Ship Scale 3.0 by CMDR Bungle Bear

+1 for the video post
+100 to video creator(and it is v3 up to date)

for next vid (not a complaint) :
A bit of colour
other stations
generation ships ?

over all 9.8/10 :)
Love the video and enjoyed the scale by adding in some real ships (shuttle, air craft carrier, etc).

We STILL need a space loach in the ED store!
Hey Folks,

Thanks for the views and kind words. Didn't know it was posted anywhere other than reddit until I just saw it in Obsidian Ant's latest video! Glad it seems to be well received

Mat Recardo / aka commander Bungle Bear.
There are at least four ship classes which could be between a Farragut and a Corvette. The size difference is enormous.
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