Video Guide: Destroy Skimmer Missions for Beginners.

Not the fastest or most profitable way but a way to do (most all) these missions without risk to ship or gaining a bounty. Plus offers a new player a chance to gather mats while doing missions and increasing faction rank.

  1. Fly to facility, stay outside defense perimeter if there is one and fly away from station at altitude just above 2K with sensors on max range.
  2. When Point Of Interest (POI) displays on sensor (purple circle on ground) land in center, deploy SRV, dismiss ship, put sensors on max range, and scan in a circle for interesting sensor displays.
  3. Make a mental note of any interesting sensor displays and drive towards the most interesting one until it resolves.
  4. If it is a defense perimeter there will be Skimmers, If they are mission targets and wanted they can be destroyed without gaining any bounty. If not move on and look for another site or POI.
  5. Turn in any bounties locally or they will not be worth full value.
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