[video] Top 5 best looking ships

...also ..yes I know the typo on the title (if a mod could fix it , i'd be great!)!
"Best looing ships"

Well I perched on the toilet when I checked out this thread and will still be when I check out your vid (I refer to this sacred part of my day as PooTube time) so it seems legit! :D

(<3 you)

P. S I hope the Anaconda wreckage you see in combat aftermaths is there, seeing as that's the best looking an Anaconda can get. :p
Aah, Yamiks. Thank you for proving that there's nothing that can't be improved by having an angry Latvian man yell at it. Awesome!


I would not have a fed brick in my top 5 at all...they look like transformers that turn into steam irons or those failed star destroyer designs on the back of napkins...not much different than the conda that looks like a star destroyer with a beer gut.

Id have put the cutter in number one spot. Starting to love watching yer clips...ye sound like one of those meerkats that compare the market dot com...swearing sounds so much better when done with an accent imo ^
The Cutter is like that tall, perfectly shaped girl everyone gawps at but if you get lucky and take her home you realise she's no 'mover' and only leaves you wishing you went for her best mate instead (corvette).
Now, that was a fun video. Thanks, Mr. Yamiks.

I had been an FAS pilot, but I have dumped her like a hot rock for my new favorite the Alliance Chieftain.
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I'll go with Cutter, Orca and Chieftain. If they made a ship kit to remove the wings from the Beluga I'd say that would be number 3. It's a good looking ship from the wings forward.
Top 5 best looking ships, imo
1. FDL, it's like the Ferrari of ships i love the curves, and the huge engines on the rear, it just looks menacing.
2. Chieftain, it looks so much like the Pelicans from the Halo series.
3. ieagle, i love the foward swept wings and the glowing blue trim.
4. Farragut class battlecruiser, its huge and has bunch o' guns
5 federal corvette. I like the the rugged design and two huge hardpoints located on the back.
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