View what the individual animals think/is currently doing

There's a feature in most simulator games that will allow you the view what X and Y creature is currently doing or thinking.

This feature is present is Jurassic World Evolution even, and I find it quite enjoyable when you can follow a creature with this feature.

This may be opposed as a "less realistic take" on simulator games when you're able to view the minds of creatures & guests, but I do personally make it more interesting, than having to constantly monitor a creature to figure out what it's up to.

I was really hoping Planet Zoo would carry this feature over from Jurassic World Evolution, which didn't happen.

A feature to have it, and have it minimizable for those who won't find it's useful, could be an idea.
Not sure I'd call it "mind reading"... I mean, it's not like you can't see what they're doing... it's just that sometimes it can be hard to tell what they're doing without the game telling you...
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