Vintage Pack new DLC coming soon!

Cheers Harbinger

I don't know what BST means though.
BST = British summer time.
12 pm BST = 13 pm CEST (you/Central European summer time)

~ deleted confusing explanation ~ [big grin]

Better stretch and get a drink ready, just 16 minutes to go now
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THIS version of Walzerfahrt would be perfect for flower power pack. :D (Virvelvinden, Liseberg. It is still there but the flower power deco is gone, now it is plain blue colors and mounted in a tent)
Yes, that´s a beauty! This particular ride (and the coaster in the background of the second picture) is actually also manufactured by Schwarzkopf. His company did amazing flatrides as well.
Their designs are so elegant and timeless!
As Moulin Rouge's Director Monsieur Zidler would have said so nicely:

Spectacular, Spectacular!
No words in this vernacular.
Can describe this great event.
You'll be dumb with wonderment.
Returns are fixed at ten percent.
You must agree, that's excellent!

Can't wait to get the free update and this amazing DLC!
I was watching Geekism over on youtube, and he showed the custom supports, flowers, sprinklers, and planters coming with the 1.7 patch, they look really cool. Anything that helps my park look more realistic, I'm all for!

The vintage pieces look like they'll go great with a horror theme. Add some cobwebs, some ambience with spooky lights, and you'll be all set. I'll definitely be taking a stab at making some kind of horror fun house. So, I encourage all of you to get your horror on with the new vintage pack, I'm eager to see what y'all create. :D
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This game just keeps getting better and better. Really looking forward for tomorrow :) This new DLC has so many new items and I can't wait to try them all. Thank you Frontier for all your creativity and hard work :)
This by far is Frontier's best DLC. The Vintage Pack has so much content like from new coasters, new flat rides and new scenery. Frontier did a great job with this DLC. Everyone at Frontier you are truly the best and a pat on the back. I just hope going forward with new DLC's we will get more flat rides just like with this DLC.
I'm so excited, I may need to change my pants. [big grin]
So much to look forward to, I can't wait to get my grubby mits on it all.
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