Vintage Pack new DLC coming soon!


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I agree that it would be nice to get announcements of update/DLC livestreams a few days in advance. I personally think that more players can be made aware of a livestream in advance in that way, which should lead to more viewers and potentially more sales.

It would be great if those announcements for livestreams were to be posted on the forums a few days in advance, like they were posted back in the early days of Planet Coaster.

Let's get back on topic now; the Vintage Pack DLC.
I wish they would give us teasers about what they are considering for the next DLC. Because they probably already know what they are going to work on. Well, maybe by August and September they will already have some of the next DLC worked on so they will know what the final product is going to be by then but we won’t. I predict the next DLC will release between October-November.
ik mis nog de water effecten komen die nog???
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Do you mean the sprinklers? These are part of the free-update and can't be find by selecting 'vintage pack'. To find them quickly, I advise you to select 'recently added items'...
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