IMPORTANT: Vintage Pack new DLC coming soon!

I would take either of those.. as long as they aren't these...

not that these would be horrible.. but these aren't what most of us want when we think skylift/chairlifts
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... but we all want them it seems so they should work hard on figuring out how to make it work. When they do... That could also lead into other types of things with continuous track motions.
And what does it mean, that we want them? Nothing. People buy the DLCs and that´s enough for them. I don´t think they really have motivation to work on this kind of content, if it´s appearently enough to bring us just scenery, rides and some not so hard to do functions/features to the game.
I think of Planet Coaster as a "work in progress", they aren't done with it yet. There's so much more they can add. For the next DLC I would like something spooky again in October. Maybe an autumn themed pack this time. I just thought of a neat ride that could be done now with the top spin: A mad house, where the room spins around you and riders are seated on a long bench. You can make one with the top spin, build a house with a detailed room inside, and when riding the room will spin as you ride.
I like that ride idea. I agree that Planet Coaster has so much more to be added. I think we will see more things to come. This new DLC really put them over the top. A job well done from Frontier.
Im really happy with the idea of this pack, becuase im a huge fan of 1910 coney island and the Columbian World Expo from Chicago, so its completely up my alley.
And barbershop quartet is finally IN! (although they seem to have a blue victorian design now, instead of the red main street they had).

Then there's a whole new set of vintage-themed scenery and wall sets, Victorian pillars, decorative trimmings and lightbox lettering, and animal statues. For the ultimate fairground flair, you can add a barbershop quartet or some highly skilled trapeze artists!
Animal statues?
We RCT1 now bois!
glad we finally got the quartet as well.. I'm sure they are recolorable though... I hope so anyway. But sad they are animatronics. That means they will probably be larger than the guests and have sticks up their butts. WOuld have preferred them as entertainers.. that wander around as a small group.
Sorry but I'm not that happy with the new update.
Always stating that they listen to what the players want, no they don't.
Still no crossroads for trains, still no multiple laps for coasters, still no second station for unloading, again no fix for high-end Nvidia card users (crash crash crash)….


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Wow !!

Im REALLY surprised with 5!! flatrides, thats a LOT :D
And as always im hyped for a lot of the smaller stuff! I see some really beautifull wallpieces in there as well! And and and, are those all lights i see in the top left part ??

I can't wait to see more of this! #hypehype :D
Thank you so much Frontier. For me, this is the best DLC so far. More flowers and lot's of new colorful props and so much more. Can't wait to pick it up and start creating again. :) I'm so excited!


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I absolutely love this theme. I grew up in a Victorian seaside town ( though they have sadly ripped most of the heritage out now) so this is close to my heart.
oh, that all sounds amazing! Really great stuff, and I hope one of the four new flatrides is my favourite ;-)
Thank you soo much for sahring the information, so happy I have a day off on Wednesday ;-)
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