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Support told me to post this here in the hopes a developer can help me out:

I'm looking at the VIP tickets and was really wanting to create two people to walk together. Obviously buying 2 sing tickets would be the cheapest way to do this however the characters would not move around together. To buy a group ticket which does allow this group movement costs double so I am reluctant to do so. Is there any other option here?

I have asked this question in another form post a while ago.

I am a single Dad (pre-ordered planet coaster) and want my daughter (age 7) and I , both to be simulated going around together in a park, we hopefully, make together. I am not interested in more than 2 people.

At the moment she makes me watch all you tube videos of the alpha because she interested in the game and how to build. So naturally I want to make it more intetesting for her. Hence even considering a VIP ticket. At push I'd go for 2 vip £20 cost wise but £40 but for 2 people is a bit expensive.

And as the OP has written, 2 VIP tickets would not be a (small family unit).
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