Viper III vs Viper IV

Discounted or not the Mk IV is worth it in my opinion. I've ignored discounting in favour of a decision on where I want my ship collection stored.
Call me stupid, but I actually like the toughness of a Viper Mk IV.

Starting with the game in spring of 2015 (wish I would have known about the Kickstarter in 2014 here in the States), I skipped the Viper altogether. I went with a Hauler - Cobra - T6 - Asp. It was awhile later, when I needed to do some runs with 32t+, that I didn't want to de-kit my Asp, that I got a Viper Mk IV. Loved it!

If I could go back in time, I would have gotten a Viper Mk IV and done more missions, than gone to a T6 for the added cargo space.

But I'm also someone who mined -- yes mined -- in a Vulture. Only 1 Large Beam, since the Mining Laser took the other hardpoint, and I only had 6 bins, but that was enough. I loved it when other ships f'd with me in RESes. "BeeeEEEEEEEEAAAAAMMMM ... pow!"
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Sounds like you have your answer already, but I'd like to take a second to touch back on something that was glossed over earlier. The tankier nature and larger overall tonnage of the viper mkVI makes it ideal as a multi-role vessel. Small relatively inexpensive modifications can have you quickly outfitted for a variety of mission types. Greater flexibility means NO opportunity for credits need pass you by.

Fly safe
I love my MKIV, i recently engineered it and it is fun. 2 G5 efficient plasmas, 1 Feedback cascade railgun and a G5 rapid fire pulse with phasing sequence.

It also has 4A prismaticd and 1 booster giving me over 500 shields and all of the hull reinforcements put me close to 3k hull with 40+% resistance.

It is now my small combat ship of choice for when im moving about.
I had a good shot in the V.IV. Just pick your targets. I was mincing the bigger ships with it but I tended to avoid other fighters if they where high ranked. The same goes for any ship, even the Cobra. Pick your fights.
Good necro skills there :)

but I would also not mind going back in time & playing about with a viper4 back when it was 'relevant' (to what I'm doing). Feel a bad sad that I missed it out, loved the viper3 & cobra3 back in the day.
Redacted....what a necro. Still curious about BB though \/

You can do more with the MK4. I love it. Nice little smuggler, fighter, BB mission ship, cargo hauler..

I'd go for this one. Its a keeper as well.
I have been hunting around the forums....what does BB stand for?
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Main selling point for me was IV is the better FSD. Minimizing travel time for me with this game is a MUST. less time in witch space the better. You better believe all my ships are lvl 5 increased range engineered.
Hello Commanders,

I started playing a week ago and im very keen to move up to a new ship....i want to pursue bounty hunting/assasination type missions primarily but i wouldnt mind some cargo capacity so i could do a little trade or smuggling if i felt the need.

I originally planned on getting a Cobra Mk III but then i started doing well in combat and decided to buy a fighter over a multipurpose, i think a Viper, then a Vulture and finally a Fer de lance would suit me just fine.

Im confused as to what viper to buy though the mk III or IV???

Thanks in advance
The Mk IV is tougher.

But the most important thing is that the Mark IV is the best looking ships in the game :).
Mine is all black and looks like a stealth fighter.
I definitely prefer the three. More maneuverable, so if you know what you're doing, you won't get many hits. I use one with thermal vent beams, and PAs. Another of mine is all multicannon, another is all shock cannons, and my last one is all beams.
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