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Hello there CMDRs! I'm out at PRU AESCS TY-J A64-1 (Conflux) right now and I'm surveying the third planet, the one on which there's supposed to be a settlement from the Dynasty expedition relating to the Formadine Mystery. Since there are no specific tools to scan planets, I would like to know if there is an efficent method of visual scanning. If any of you reading have discovered settlemets or ruins, tell me how you found them, I need your expertise!
Was wondering the same thing myself.

I guess you want a fast ship with excellent visibility. Most ships see "above" better than "below", so flying inverted might help.

Personally. Tempted to use SLF as a kind of probe.

I understand that interesting things are most likely near geological features like craters, canyons and so on
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Same place about 16 hours in to it and nothing. Other than setting your graphics right which you can find in a number of places I have no advice I'm afraid. Either pick interesting points and glide in scanning or pick a line and just fly endlessly
I would guess a coordinated search with enhanced drive 800M/S Imperial Eagles. It's kinda crazy that the devs expect cmdrs to locate these things on 1:1 scale planets using the MK1 Eyeball.
Setting terrain graphics to low (3 different settings) and disabling shadows help the bases stand out from the surface.
During night, push gamma to the max.

Some mkght consider those thigs meta,but i can imagine some way we can fiddle with our canopy hud, and even with those setting, you are searching for a proverbial needle
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