Vitamin Arrr's South Galaxy Crossin' Map

I hereby humbly present...

APR 15, 2017: updated p. 4 with route to NGC 1893 Main Cluster from below via IC 410!

Note: NGC 1893 KH-V D2-1 is a green system.

Here is a galaxy map view of this new route, as viewed from the side:

More to come... maybe! Arrr!

PS — You'll note the route forks in places. It's because I took a different path on my way back.

Also, props to CMDRs Marx, Star Falcon, Marcos Black, Allitnil, and Nosemaj who came before
me and pioneered various stretches of this route. I'm sure my way is not the only way across, and I wonder what paths the others might have taken.
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Best route map I've seen to date. Looking forward to 5-10!
Also, pretty cool to see your tag on the systems now. The next time you're in the area, Dryao Ain SJ-I D9-0 (not far from the start) also has Earth-like candy. Good luck on your way South if you go there again!
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Thanks Marx! PM me any ideas, maybe we can get a real expedition going. I am wondering about a sideways trek westward from the middle of the gap towards the Formidine Rift :D
As a professional Paint doodler in my own right i have to compliment your skills with finger paint!

So, I am finally getting around to posting some screenshots from IC 410 & the lower part of NGC 1893 (right before the jump up into the main cluster). I also want to tip my hat again to CMDR Marx who posted the first route into the main cluster (it comes from above).

A Bit About IC 410 Sector:

As far as I know, I was the first person to ever visit any systems in IC 410 Sector. It requires jumponium to reach, and since it is rather small and lacks any hand-placed stars, it's kind of easy to miss. I did not even notice it on my first trek down. When I did see it, I googled "IC 410"... it turns out, IC 410 is just another name for NGC 1893, but for some reason, when Frontier created the ED galaxy, IC 410 ended up in a slightly different spot than NGC 1893, such that they appear in-game as galactic neighbors.

As my fourth map shows in red above, the trek down through IC 410 requires jumponium due to many 60-80 LY jumps, so it is very good to know that NGC 1893 Sector KH-V D2-1 is a fully "green" system, with all mats needed including Polonium. You have no idea how glad I was to find it... lol.

If you decide to make the journey down through IC 410, note that I by no means explored the entire sector, nor did I scan everything along the way. (I always try to leave some first discoveries for any explorers who might come through after me.) That being said, if you want to check it out, here are some of the things you can see.

This ELW has an Italy-looking peninsula:

Very cool ringed ELW:

Cool triple-nested star system:

Lastly, an "escape pod" (coffin!) that I found standing straight up. At this point I was like, "nope nope nope" and I destroyed it with my blasters to save the galaxy from certain zombie apocalypse.

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