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Hello, I have come back to this game and found out you can give commands via voice to your ship, Can i ask what do i need and where i get this from?

Thank you.
You can buy Voice Attack (there's a free trial but limited to ~15 commands IIRC). On its own it won't do much, but you can then install Voice Packs. There's commercial ones (eg, from HCS) as well as free ones (eg, KICS). They may require a greater or lesser effort to configure to your keybinds; I set mine up a very long time ago and heavily customised it at the time so I don't know how easy it is to set up the current crop.

You can also use EDDiscovery (free) which has learned voice commands in the last year or so; personally I haven't used this so don't know how well it works but it seems to autoconfigure based on your current keybindings which is rather nice.

Apart from functionality, which you can probably tweak to be similar no matter what you use, the main difference is that the commercial packs mostly have professionally voice-acted responses whereas free offerings mostly rely on the Windows speech synthesis. Immersive difference.

I use VA (Voice Attack) with a heavily modified version of KICSv3 with bits of KICSv4 thrown in. I also have EDDI running as a VA plugin which adds a tremendous amount of in-game information via voice (handy when flying in VR).

EDIT: PS. HCS currently has a sale on one of their Voice Packs which is voiced by William Shatner for £5, if that's your cup of tea.
Just to clarify, no, you do NOT need to purchase a HCS voice pack. In fact, you don't need to purchase Voice Attack at all if you want to use the free option of EDDiscovery instead.

KICS is a free voice pack for Voice Attack and a perfectly acceptable alternative to the HCS packs (although the HCS pack -may- be easier to setup/configure, I don't know because I've never used one).

But yes, the points on training up the Windows Voice Recognition first and using a good quality headset are valid.
Point about the recommendations above about headsets. If, like me, you use a speaker system and wish to keep using it in E D then you need to experiment with microphones to get VA to just respond to your voice and not be confused by the sound from the game. I have loads of microphones so had plenty to choose from, in the end the best results come from using a dynamic microphone - basically like the ones you see used on stage. I find that using condenser microphones should be avoided if you are using speakers as they are far too sensitive.

I agree you don't need HCS - but I can't fly without my crew these days - makes up for the abysmal in-game comms with other players so it is not just for automating game actions. Worth watching for sale promos for them, often 50% or more discounts available.
Hey guys thanks for the feed back, My headset is a sennheiser PC363D playing hon PC.
I dont mind paying i just would like the best one to have, thank you.
VA and all of them (including EDD) with voice are really thin skins over the windows voice recognition systems. Which is why i wrote it for EDD, its really easy to add voice activation to a program.
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