VOID S - First Person FTL


Ok, so the game starts with you being directed by a ship computer that you need a few parts to restart the ships hyperdrive.
You go to a derelict, board it, faces corrupted monster crew and in the end dies - you are supposed to do that.
Then the game shows how pink powder is poured into the cockpit of the smaller vessel you used and then pour water over it and a new crewman appears.

And that's just a start of the silliness.

It's very much like FTL where you travel along paths between areas (ships) and board them to find parts and useful items to craft stuff to help you get further along.
It's like a cartoon turned into an FPS where you are controlling a hapless prisoner caught in a dystopian corporate universe.

Each prisoner thawed for your use have pros and cons that can help and hinder the progress for you but do not get too attached, they will die and soon you will have them die for you just to get a certain component or parts for a new gun before they die and then you just get another prisoner (although you will have to start at the beginning of the map) but you get to keep all the upgrades and stuff for the next run.

It's fun, hectic, somewhat repetitive but the quirkiness makes that ok.


I've been playing that. You're right it is fun, but it is repetitive

The voice of the computer reminds me of the narrator/voice of the guide in Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy, which is ace :)
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Makes me hungry for a new System Shock.

The game looks neat and I like the art style, but I'm not completely convinced it's one for me.
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