Vox Universum Seeking Pilots of Any Play Style to move from homely group to galactic power house!

Vox Universum is a brand new and small squadron and player faction that is seeking pilots to help us grow! We accept all play styles and have a very laid back outlook on gameplay. Can't be on all the time? Fantastic, Vox Universum is for you! Love to play for hours on end in search of the galaxy's mysteries? Outstanding, Vox Universum is the place for you! We strive to come together in a way that makes all feel welcome! While we do have our own set of rules, you won't be bothered by unnecessary amounts of control! Posted below are our discord, and forum website, please note that both of them are not finished being built, but are ready for use, so please bear with us as we make things all pretty!

Our player faction is based in the Kata system and we are excited to begin expanding! Kata has one planetary installation and a few medium sized stations. Our first expansion will be to an area that can accommodate more large ships in orbit instead of planetary landing.

Once you've joined the discord, send me a message and we'll get you all squared away!

PLEASE NOTE: Player faction is available across all platforms while the squadron is currently for PC only! We will be expanding to consoles in the near future!

Fly Safe Commanders!

Kashi Alabel
Vox Universum
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