Vr Graphics Quality

So my question is should you mesh around with graphicsconfiguration.xml while playing in Vr ? I have seen some wonderful improvements while playing in 2d.
Could you suggest a modified graphicsconfiguration.xml changes so the visual difference would be noticeable?
I am using oculus rift with a nvidia rtx2080 , Intel core i7-8700k and 32gb Ram
What texture sizes for planets and galaxy map and various detail settings would you suggest?
I currently have the 'haze' mod running and have adjusted my <GalaxyBackground> to 8K

With my Vive Pro and 2080ti I am running 90FPS everywhere... with most settings on high, except AA on none.., no blur and no AO
Perfect, this is what I'm looking for since I just upgraded to a 2080ti and I've been playing around with settings to figure out the best combo.
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