VR panels (galaxy & system map, outfitting etc) QoL pass

I know that VR player base may be limited but for me this is a number one issue that actually stops me from playing ED on a regular basis. After experiencing VR I can't force myself go back to playing on flat screen. But in VR this issue is making me quit after a short while.

For me it's nausea inducing and immersion breaking that some essential functions like galaxy or system map are not represented in the cockpit. Or sometimes they are but are not properly curved (less of an issue).

I think it is time ED got a QoL pass for all screens & panels from the point of view of VR users.

All functions like galaxy map, system map or outfitting should happen in your seat. You should not be teleported somewhere. Just display a curved pane as you do now for station services for example and show us the content there. I beg you!
It would be nice in VR or otherwise, to have the option to switch all or parts of the Ship GUI From 3d to 2d panels on the dashboard. Would be nicer than using ctrl-alt-g for VR immersion purposes.
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