Walkthrough: Guardian Weapon Blueprints

Note: I've written a guide for Guardian Vessel (Fighter) Blueprints here; Guardian Module blueprints here.

Greetings, Commander!

Let's talk about the Guardian Weapon Blueprints (now called Guardian Weapon Blueprint Segments). Perhaps you're interested in the guardian Gauss Cannon (small or medium) for excellent anti-Thargoid Interceptor absolute damage, or you want the Guardian Shard Cannon (small, medium, or large) for shotgun-like thermal damage (also great against Interceptors!) Or perhaps the Guardian Plasma Charger for excellent damage (also against human targets!) at the cost of a drained weapons capacitor? This guide should help you comfortably get through this.

First off, let's discuss expectations. You'll be jumping about 800ly out of the bubble to a Guardian site in Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 and landing on Planet A3. There's a Nav Marker that you can spot from 1000 ls away to guide you in. You'll land, and then you'll navigate the site in your SRV, and, while fighting roughly six guardian sentinels (not all at the same time!), you'll "charge" six pylons, which will then allow you to drop an Ancient Relic, which are available at the site, into a hole and thereby release the Glowing Golf Ball Of Weapons, which you can scan for the reward of one blueprint. All the Guardian weapons require one blueprint each - unless you're looking for the medium/large turreted versions, which usually require two - so for each blueprint you'll need to complete this task, log out and log in before each run. You'll also need to collect other necessary materials during all of this! Also, I recommend doing this in solo or in a private group; doing it in open can often lead to weird results if others are there and not everyone is on the same page.

What you'll need:
  1. A ship with a decent jump range, such as this Diamondback Explorer
  2. An SRV (preferably two)
  3. Several point defence systems (in your utility slots)
  4. SRV synthesis materials (I recommend, at a minimum, having 14 sulfur and 8 phosphorus, as well as half a dozen iron and nickel)
  5. Approximately 20 minutes of time per run
  6. A shopping list of materials you'll need, which you can make off the Guardian Weapons blueprints on Inara
If you've gathered everything you need, let's fly out to Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 A3! When you approach the site, which you can get to using your nav panel, you should see this:

Ideally, you'll land close to the site itself. If you the picture above, there's a nice place to park a small- or mid-sized ship in the upper-left or lower-right quadrants of the site. See here:

So let's disembark and get started. Go ahead and drive up to the machine (see above), at the top of the map. You'll see two unraised pylon locations (unraised pylong looks like this). Behind it, you'll see an "X" on the ground right in front of it, with what looks like a small, white button sticking out of it. Parking on top of that should "raise" pylons #1; you should hear it rumbling up up[ from the ground in front of you. Your view should look something like this:

Go ahead and charge the pylons. To do this, use your turret to shoot at the glowing balls, which charges each pylon. (A timer will start the moment you shoot the first pylon; this is a timed exercise, but each time you charge a pylon you'll get a time extension.) Keep shooting until a light beam comes out of the top; both pylons activated should look like this:

Now it's time to activate the other four pylons - that's 3-6 in this picture:

If you do them in numerical order, you should encounter a lone sentinel at sites 3, 4. At site 6, two sentinels should activate, one at 6 and one back at 5. (The one at 6 is super-shy, so you may have to move back toward the site if he keeps dropping out of sight.) Sentinels look like this:

Fighting a sentinel, you'll want four pips in weapons and two in sys. Sentinels have two attacks. They shoot blue plasma discs at you, which are a kinetic attack and can, in some cases, cause your SRV to roll over, and they can fire indirect missiles toward you. The good news is that, one on one, there's very little chance a sentinel could damage your SRV. Even if everything they shoot at you hits, you shouldn't take more that about 50% damage to your shields before they take a break. They'll pause for a while, and then they'll charge up missiles for an indirect attack. You'll see them charge, and sometimes, if you can't kill them quickly enough, they'll launch missiles at you. This is why you have point defense on your ship, though. Your ship's point defense will shoot down the missiles! Destroying a sentinel can take a bit of ammo. Even with four pips to weapons, I drain the capacitor and have to still keep firing for a while to destroy a sentinel. Remember to pick up everything they drop; many of the dropped parts you'll need for your weapons.

Now that all the pylons are charged, the timer will stop. Now, go pick up an ancient relic. You may have heard additional rumbling as you're driving around. Approaching an ancient relic site will cause a tower to emerge from the ground, looking like this:

Target the blue glowing bit at the top and shoot it; an ancient relic should fall to the ground. You'll want to pick that up. (After the first run-through, you can pick one up as you're going around, instead of waiting until after all the pylons are charged.) Ancient relics can be found here:

Also on that map are obelisks. There are four active obelisks at this site. When you approach them, they should glow blue. You'll want to select and scan (with your SRV's data scanner) each one of them; this is where you'll get the Pattern Data (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, or Gamma.) Like an ancient relic, you can also scan these as you pass them. They look like this:

Okay, so you've got an ancient relic at this point, and all the pylons are charged. Go park your SRV on top of the "X" in front of the machine, where the relic drop point is at on the first map. You should be parked here:

Now, from your inventory panel, jettison the ancient relic. Note: Jettison and Jettison (Abandon) both work in this case. As soon as you do that, you should see the machine open up and a blue spinning orb should float up. Target that with your turret and scan. Note: use your data scanner, not your composition scanner! Bingo, one weapon blueprint segment!

... But wait! The fun isn't quite over. You should have two more sentinels spawn around you. One often behind the machine, and one toward pylon 5 (though the locations sometimes differ). Destroying these will wrap up this experience. You can drive out about 500 meters from the machine and you should be able to log off and log back on to reset the experience. (If you're doing this with friends, you can re-activate the pylons without logging off and have each person drop an ancient relic in the site. Once everyone has done it once to get the blueprint, then you can reset it. Each person can only scan the blueprint once per reset.)

Note: you'll need Guardian Technology Components and Guardian Wreckage Components for the blueprints. The Technology Components sometimes drop from sentinels, but you'll also see the occasional tower with targetable panels; shooting those panels will occasionally cause Technology Components to drop out. In fact, any non-obelisk structure that has glowing blue panels on it might be targetable; check anything you see. The Wreckage Components only drop from Sentinels. Given that there are only six sentinels at this site, it might be tough to get what you need. Consider hopping over to Synuefe NL-N C23-4 B 3 and visiting the Guardian site there (where the module blueprints are). Twelve sentinels spawn, which gives you more chances to get what you need.

If you're interested, all images are available here: [IMGUR]Z4XeTDN[/IMGUR]

Edit: noted name change to blueprint segment, added emphasis about using data scanner
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Nice little guide, thank you! I was out with a wing mate doing one a few nights back, and we did wonder if you could rescan the orb after restarting the sequence again, and I now I know. Also does it respawn the sentinels again if restarting it in a wing?

I can't remember which site we were at; a cramped little hill top one. We got weapon blueprints from that one. Very helpful of me, I know. :D

One thing I would suggest, is visiting one of the nearby ruin sites (there's usually a few near the Guardian sites) to gather the data, as there's a lot more obelisks around. Or do the Ram Tah ruins mission https://canonn.science/codex/ram-tahs-mission/ and earn yourself 111 million, plus just about all the pattern obelisk data you can eat. I just finished doing it with a friend and filled the data banks with Alpha, Beta and Gamma data and have 114 Delta and 87 Epsilon. You'll come across a few Guardian sites along the way as well, and without even farming those, I've got a fair bit of Guardian tech parts. Could do with more Guardian parts mind, so next we're going to try the Decrypting Guardian logs mission. We thought we'd do that separate from the ruins mission, as that one requires Thargoid samples and probes etc, and if something went badly wrong and we got toasted, we'd lose everything for both missions.
Got destroyed by a few Scout ship's and decided to learn how to fight back (Not played in long time), and this guide is brilliant, thank's cmdr for your help.
From what I can tell, to unlock all the Guardian weapons you need 16 weapon blueprints. Is that correct?

Make that 18
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Thank you so much for this post! I found some interesting things at the site I wanted to share about.

Given that Epsilon data and Technology Components were the bottleneck for me, I noticed places at the site that had them 100% of the time. 3 spots with Guardian Technology Components, and one with Pattern Epsilon Obelisk Data. I ran through the map 18 times in total and only paid close attention on the last 6 runs. As I've found in another thread, RNGesus loves me, so your mileage may vary.
curiosity, maybe a bug, I'm not sure... what do you do if all the pylons have been energized, the relic pylons are all extended, and the timer won't stop? one of my wingmates has tried to get this to work about ten times, the timer keeps running out, the relics are all available, and nothing is happening when he drops the relic at the "X"
curiosity, maybe a bug, I'm not sure... what do you do if all the pylons have been energized, the relic pylons are all extended, and the timer won't stop? one of my wingmates has tried to get this to work about ten times, the timer keeps running out, the relics are all available, and nothing is happening when he drops the relic at the "X"

if all 6 pylons have a pillar of light coming out of them, then the timer should stop. if a pylon does not have a pillar of light coming out the top, keep shooting the glowing blue bit until it does
if this isnt working, then it is probably a bug.

i just finished up getting all my guardian bibs and bobs for the modules and fighters - now back to the bubble for the commodities and then off to a tech broker. might be a little while before i can muster up the will to come back for all the bits for the weapons
I've just gone through these for the last month.
So Thank you so much!

It still baffles me that the pilots-handbook / codex isn't collecting all the found sites, like Guardians / Thargoids / Inara.
So those of who are following behind in the wake "the communities" progress can appreciate the journey of discovery itself.
Instead of going to excellent guides, (like this one).
Which creates hot-spots of commanders.
I did this entire material/collection run on solo (when I usually play in open).
But Inara needs a revamp, and made me miss-calculate some epsilon data, so I got to get back out there...but at least I have an FSD booster :D
Great guide. How in the name of Bob did anyone work this out? Lighting all the beacons, sure - but dropping the relic on the X - I'd never in a million years have tried that!
Is there a better site for module bluprints than HD 63154 B 3A?

I moved over to Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 A3 because HD 63154 is blody awful. The SRV gets stuck on every little bump there, and you have to land miles away from the site so that you don't have any support against the missiles of the sentinels. I managed to get 3 blueprints but lost 2 of my SRVs there and I really don't want to do that ever again at that site.

Compared to that, Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 A3 is more like a shopping spree.
Firstly thanks for writing these out , it’s a shame tho that it Periodically freezes within guardian sites , I mean i be scanning away or what have you , 40 odd mins later il loose sound and then few seconds later the game freezes forcing me to restart it........ Xbox one x here..happened more than once now , happened to me on a known site for module blueprints lastnight , now here

anyone else with this issue ? Seems to only happen in large guardian sites ,I could be mining away on a planet for a few hours I’ve yet to experience a crash , but for some reason I do whilst busy at guardian sites
Thanks for the great walkthrough! For some reason when I logged out and flew off, then came back and re did everything. When I scan the Ancient Data Terminal it won't pop me another module.
Edit: Nevermind I am forgetting to use my data link scanner.
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