[INDEPENDENT] Wanderers of Witch Space are recruiting, BGS and research, all are welcome

The Wanderers are an in game faction that has two main focuses:

The BGS system- taking over systems and how that is done is up to the skills and preferences of our pilots, the Wanderers do not discriminate pilot types as long as you don’t harm any other Wanderers unless it’s an organised event.

Our second focus is our Research division, for the moment focusing on thargoids but will take interest into any type of xeno.

When it comes to aliens and our relations to them we take the approach of observance until aggression is shown. Many people think the Wanderers are mainly science based and yes it is true that we want to learn about species and unravel the lore of elite, but this is only one division of our faction and again we focus on the BGS system.
As a human faction we would always support humanity, though we would focus on our members first, and we would never worship aliens but potentially see them as allies if they were to accept us.

How to join:
We request that all our members join Inara- we only allow people onto discord if they are in our Inara squadron
After being accepted onto Inara you are able to join our members only Discord- if you want someone invited into the Discord you must ask a leader.
Join our ingame squadron.

Members aren't expected to be on constantly, we understand that real life is important. If you are a player looking to do a lot then we will have: missions available for all members or specifics for flights, we will be hosting CQC wings, and friendly pvp events.

If you are are looking for a growing community and an aim to make a lasting effect on the game then feel free to send an application and it will be accepted as soon as possible.

If you want more details then feel free to add Tolmir#0761 on Discord.
We also have a CQC flight which anyone who likes CQC is free to join after joining us and we also have friendly PvP events which anyone in the Wanderers is free to take part in.
I just want to reinforce that anyone is welcome in the Wanderers, from any background, explorers, PvPers, PvE, traders, miners, xeno fighters and anything else.

PvP events within the faction have now also become a weekly event which anyone is free to take part in.
I took part in the first pvp events. 🎯 Enjoyed them a lot indeed. ❤ Looking forward to the next training! 👀
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We're also trying to get 1st in CQC this season for that gold medal so anyone interested in that is free to come join and help out.
Awesome faction tbh. We have a pretty active Discord and faction events too. We are open for any types of players and we do numerous types of events, from expeditions searching on a far out sector to a PvP event around our systems. Our CQC group has been twice in 3rd, one time at 2nd and we are fighting for that delicious Gold trophy.
Here is one of our PvP events that we do weekly, it's normally round based but we decided to try something different and this one was time based so just finishes after a certain time, I think round is more fun so in the future we are sticking to round based:
Source: https://youtu.be/_lf22H90HHw
The PvP events are now improved and absolutely anyone is welcome on the Saturday event, if you're interested then just let me know.
We're looking to get some more people to join our PvP event, if you're interested then add me on Discord or apply on Inara.
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