Wanderers of Witch Space are recruiting, BGS, PvE, PvP, CQC, open to anyone

Welcome to the Wanderers of Witch Space.

The Wanderers are an in game faction that has one main focus
The BGS system

Taking over systems and how that is done is up to the skills and preferences of our pilots, the Wanderers do not discriminate pilot types as long as you don’t harm any other Wanderers unless it’s an organised event.

Of course everything is optional, we don't want to force players to do anything and we believe we should keep elite dangerous a game and not a chore.

Aside from the BGS we also focus on:

CQC: we focus on being at least in the top 3 in the leader boards and have a dedicated flight towards the game mode. So far we have 2 bronze medals and 2 silver medals, and we hope to go for gold.

PvP: We have regular PvP events and we don't mind your skill level as simply encouraging an interest to improve is our goal

Actually advancing the story of Elite dangerous: We don’t want you to feel restricted to only fight for the Wanderers, feel free to complete community goals/ interstellar initiatives, search for raxxla/any other lore related things, ect.

If you are unsure about anything in the game we have a discord server where you can feel free to ask any questions, we believe Elite dangerous is more enjoyable when you know what you’re doing, especially when it comes to concepts such as the BGS.

We try to stay as neutral as we can in the sense that we don’t care what kind of player you are. Whether you may be an: explorer, ganker, trader or literally anything else, we’re open to anyone as long as you’re a nice enough person.

How to join:
We request that all our members join Inara- we only allow people onto discord if they are in our Inara squadron
After being accepted onto Inara you are able to join our members only Discord- if you want someone invited into the Discord you must ask a leader.
Join our ingame squadron.

Members aren't expected to be on constantly, we understand that real life is important. If you are a player looking to do a lot then we will have: missions available for all members or specifics for flights, we will be hosting CQC wings, and friendly pvp events.

If you are looking for a growing community and an aim to make a lasting effect on the game then feel free to send an application and it will be accepted as soon as possible.

If you want more details then feel free to add Tolmir#0761 on Discord.
I'm a member and a Jarl (flight leader) of the Wanderers. Although I'm the leader of the Anti-Xeno division, I can find plenty of people playing various styles, like Tolmir said. We are a growing community aiming to be good friends with our members. Really a warming squadron that I love to be part of it.
As the Thane (Flight Group Leader) in charge of our combat players I have to say it’s been a blast to fly with every combat pilot in the Wanderers, from winging up and taking out a capital ship to sparring in our weekly PvP events it’s been awesome to fly alongside every member of the Wanderers, and as our faction continues to grow the excitement of facing off against a team of players and the fun of heading to a Conflict Zone to change the tide of a war has continued to mount. I couldn’t recommend the Wanderers enough, if you’re looking for a fun community of players to fly or fight alongside, no matter what your play style, you’ll feel right at home in the Wanderers. o7 CMDRs
Thanks Eclipse, even though you're a Thane now I'm sure you'll rise all the way up to Einherjar, I'm glad you're with the Wanderers.
I am a old member of the wanderers and stil enjoying the faction! There are plenty of friendly people in the faction and we are helpfull when they need our help as in getting credits/bounty/advice and so on... I recommend this squadron if you are willing to encounter a good friendly atmosphere around us =)
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