WANTED: Battle Ready Pilots - the After Earth Stellar Alliance is at War

This is a call for pilots of all skill levels to join the war effort of the After Earth Stellar Alliance [AESA]. We have recently acquired a faction in game and we are at war to take control of our system. After we've won the war we will be concentrating our efforts to take control of our first station and then expand throughout the station. If you are keen to help, we would like to welcome you aboard. Don't worry if you are new to the game, every contribution helps. Join us now Commanders!

The After Earth Stellar Alliance [AESA] is a role playing group within Elite Dangerous [mainly PC only for now]. Focused on a relaxed community spirit, the group has a no pressure policy. Play when you like and as often or as little as you like. We are looking for players of all levels and we warmly welcome new players. Our timezone was initially GMT, but we have welcomed players from all over the world. From the UK, to the USA, to Russia, Australia and all over Europe. The AESA player group is a place where Commanders can team up and make friends. Elite Dangerous can be so much more rewarding when playing with friends.

Players are encouraged to take on roles within the group. And as Elite has an especially steep learning curve for new commanders, anyone wanting to do some mentoring within the group would be very much appreciated.

So if playing the background simulation is your thing. Or you want to try it out. Jump right in.

To join our Wings channels you must first join the AESA Squadron.

Joining the AESA Squadron
  • Applicants should be 18+
  • Applicants must have an INARA account and are encouraged to use ED Market Connector (PC only). Sign up with Inara here: https://inara.cz/signup/

How to apply for the Squadron
  • Applicants should submit their join request first in Inara (inara.cz). Search for "AESA" or "After Earth Stellar Alliance" or click inara.cz/squadron/6693/
  • Applicants should then contact us in our Discord server. Let us know you've applied in inara
  • One of the Squadron Leaders or a Fleet Admiral will contact you via Discord to get you setup in the Squadron in game.
Look forward to seeing you Commanders. 07


Please don't say that SJ, we simply can't all play as much as you do with work and family etc. We had some good times in game together.
07 Commanders. Thanks to our brave pilots in the After Earth Stellar Alliance [AESA] Squadron, we won the war against the Federal HIP 62655 faction and took back some territory. However the peace has been short lived and we are now entering a Civil War with Kuwema Holdings. If we win this war, we will take control of our home station.

Regardless of your experience, we welcome any brace pilots who are willing to have a go. You will not be alone, you can join a wing and we will watch your back.

To join up
1. first say hello in our Discord channel here and tell us your commander name in game: https://discord.gg/kmZArfc
2. If you have an inara account, sign up for the squadron here: https://inara.cz/squadron/6693/Discord Invitehttps://discord.gg/kmZArfc
3. Finally apply to join the in game squadron. Search in the squadron panel (right hand side panel from your ship). Search for AESA or After Earth Stellar Alliance and apply there.
4. We will then open up the Wings channels to you.

If you get stuck just ask for help in our Discord. We are a very friendly bunch.

Come and fight the good fight and join the After Earth Stellar Alliance today.
07 CMDR's
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