WANTED Elite:Premonition Audibook

That simple, Drew said via Facebook that FD wanted to see interest is the Audiobook before committing to making it, I for one have purchased all the audiobooks in the store and paperback versions of the ones that do not have via Amazon because I live in Chile and FD doesn't ship physical products to the end of the world even tho I could ship my FDL all the way from Jameson Memorial to Colonia if I wanted.
Anyway, maybe if we show enough interest FD will splash for a Graphic audio version, that would be awesome.

See you all in the void fellow CMDRs
+1. I'm definitely interested. I quite enjoy throwing money at him. Hopefully, the recording quality will be slightly improved over the last book: I bought Reclamation in multiple formats - including the CD boxset - and they all sound identically slightly glitchy at particular points, which I thought was a shame.
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Ever since Premonition came out, I've been asking Drew when we're getting the Audiobook version (Ideally done by Radio Theater Workshop like the existing ones)
Yes please, please...PLEASE!

I love all the Elite lore books but I just don’t get much time to read a book. Maybe half an hour at lunchtime at work and that’s in between the interruptions. So it takes ages!

I’ve already bought Premonition as a paperback, but I’d happily buy this too!

I have the other audiobooks which are available and I’m working my way through all the lore in order (as best I can).

So please make this happen Frontier!
Considering I have almost every Elite related audiobook I could find and two copies of both premonition and reclamation (ebook and paperback) I would love to see a Premonition audiobook.
I would love this especially if ;-

  1. It's produced by the Radio Theatre Workshop (because they've done all the other Audio Books so far and Escapre Velocity)
  2. We have Toby Longworth in it again
  3. We also involve the two Actors who have been doing the superb voice work so far.

That's not demanding too much is it?
Definitly want this. Yes please I have bought a few, loved his last one.
Please please please do this one also
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