War in Fuelum. Pirate battlecruiser

Battle in Fuelum. Pirate battlecruiser

I picked the wrong time to leave home for my trip the core apparently. There seems to be a battle in Fuelum of which two Farragut battlecruisers are the center of. One of the ships is labelled as a pirate ship. :O The Fuel Rats twitter account has been posting updates. I don't think the Fuel Rats faction are directly involved in the conflict but I'm debating turning back around and getting into the fray,

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I guess it's pretty clear now why there is a community goal in the Federation to build another Farragut. One of them has obviously been hijacked.
A hijacked cruiser?! God damn I'm getting into this. [arrrr]

On the other hand seeing how many players are in that conflict zone I might just wait outside and kill anyone I know is fighting against whoever dem pirates are.
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Getting more info. This apparently happened in a Distress Call from the Vangard. So if you're heading that way look for a distress call. Looks like its near the star. Not sure if this is an isolated incident or not.
Stealing battleships from the feds? Let us know when we can steal stations from them too. I wanna take one to beagle point :D
I came across this type of scene in a Distress Call a few days after I'd just gotten my Corvette, I was passing my Sol maybe one or two systems out when I decided to test the ship in the DC. I dropped out to find a stranded Farrgut and some fighters defending it from pirate attacks. I worked with them to hold off the pirates but one of the waves that dropped out included a battle-cruiser that I'd mistaken for the rescue team. The ship opened fire on my and I couldn't get my Corvette out of there fast enough to take no damage, I think I ended up limping with around 30% hull remaining.

I've been dropping into most of the DC's I find since trying to see if something like that will happen again, and so far I haven't found one.
capital ships in distress calls, the new raxxla! i check some when im back there free from this hostile tag.
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