War Zones!

While 3.3 Beyond brought some amazing levels to conflict zones and made them much more engaging/ immersive (Dialog, challenging hostiles, objective based gameplay) they still lack the 'oomf' that one could expect from an heavily populated galaxy. current conflict zones are what could be considered skirmishes (small, short clashes between opposite sides) not exactly what you consider an epic combat scenario. what I suggest is that we get a new type of 'conflict zone'....War Zones!

Here is how they will work;

-War zones operate the same as conflict zones, player selects and jumps in, then chooses a side.

- War zones are a minimum of 3x larger than conflict zones, larger is better (without killing people's computers with too much activity in one place) they are lager in both spawning area and concentration of NPCs

-War zones have a mandatory minimum of 5 Capitol ships per side, more is much better if (again) it doesn't kill people's computers) every ship adds atmosphere, the more Capitol ships and NPC's, the more of a War style conflict it will generate (none of this plinky pseudo-pseudo-pseudo battles we call conflict zones...I mean the real deal here.)

- Capitol ships DON'T steal kills, instead all kills in the zone are taxed. players can now turn a profit from these zones and not jump out when the Capitol ships arrive (as I do now, no point fighting with them if you want kills or credits) the flip side is that these Capitol ships are in relative close proximity, while you may be covered you may also get shredded by hostile Capitol ships and SLFs.

-To win a War zone, a side must either achieve a very large number of kills, or route all 5+ Capitol ships of the opposing side, none the less that means these zones will be better numerous players collaborating their efforts.

- Upon zone completion the player/s will receive a completion bonus if they win (X amount of credits) as well as a very large Influence and reputation gain for faction chosen.

-War zones can take place in environments such as Installations, Asteroid belts, Planetary facilities, Mega ships and more! to further add to atmosphere and sense of cause for fighting!

The idea is, these zones will be hard, immersive, chancy and Epic! for those with a thirst for action few things will be finer than a well crafted War zone. something significantly more immersive than the current Conflict zones that gives the player the feeling that they are not just fighting a mere skirmish....they are at war! ;)
I like the idea, 5 Capital ships a side might be pushing it a bit for the game or peoples computers though.

To add to your list, how about a capture/defend mission? A platform has to be defended or captured, has a limited amount of defenders and also platform defence weapons, attacking side has more ships but not infinite. No time limit, just first side to win, wins. If it's the attacking side, they gain control of the platform and the defence of it goes to them. Play that out for the duration of the week, whoever is the victor keeps control of the platform.
Actually, a war zone could encompass an entire system... once one enters the system, the HUD indicates a War Zone has been entered and the player is given the option to choose sides then and there.

Once that happens, certain stations become hostile while others are friendly. Interdictions will occur from members of the opposing faction. Stuff like that.
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