was the Gnosis just a test of new mechanic

We have all been asking to be in the attacks when they happen to our stations etc but never did as it was a Thursday tick and boom it's done.

Now with the Gnosis there was an attack and the players were in it Was this new and will we see much more in the coming months of this type of attack?
Pfft. Doubt it. It's jsut teh same as planetary attacks when the thargoid just shoots one spot of the outpost. It really is just super simple. FDev is just being lazy.
They need to do something to make things a little more interesting. Thargoids are just a tourist destination right now. Don't need to see them if you don't want to.
It was new and a test of how different groups within FD can co-ordinate their activities.

They are still scratching their heads as to what went wrong.
I think it was in a way. I mentioned this in a post a while ago. I think perhaps fleet carriers comes to mind for squadrons.

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