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5. Whoever pledges what, there has to be Have Station and other credits to the loyal band (both Steves, TJ, Alien, Spacegamer, rgmarrett, Space Pirate: many others I'll now unintentionally insult by not naming!) who have kept this forum going in those long dark hours.
7. Goodbye life!

ps the Wikipedia page says multiplayer: will that be the only option?
Hey fella - welcome back. That'd have to be a 'ten Have' station :D

How's about

Elite: Mildly Risky Endeavours
Hey fella - welcome back. That'd have to be a 'ten Have' station :D

How's about

Elite: Mildly Risky Endeavours
Hi Steve! Sorry, yes of course....
It took me a couple of years to realise the O B was a joke, a bit slow here!

Whether or not E4 happens, its good to hear from old friends again. Like everyone but Geraldine, I had given up and gone away....and like everyone else, not really gone away but checking the forum every week or so "just in case"

I think you must be the most long-serving and prolific forum member of us all (6 years we have been on this forum!)

Good to hear from you and everyone else again!
To echo what others have said, there has to be a space station named after Geraldine for keeping the faith when the rest of us had stomped off in a huff.
:eek: Goodness, I just saw that, if I could afford that option on the Kickstarter I would, but at the end of the day, I'd be over the moon just to be something like a "Skutter" in the game :D:D

Just in case (unlikely) someone doesn't know what a "Skutter" is
The total started "55 Days To Go" at £385,000 (actually a couple of hundred more than that, but I can't remember exactly)
and the current total is now £404,435
This means that the total has met it's daily target of £16,500
Yeah, it was a pretty good day netting about £20,700 according to kicktraq.

I'm just hoping that word will get around and it will take off. Would be great to go above target, but got a feeling it's going to be a nail-biting process.
I feel shocked and confused.. i was able to read this only today...
and honestly i cannot belive to my eyes...

is really happening?

after all those years i can't dare to dream about it... please write here to me that's all true.

Well.. thank u, now i will not be able to sleep anymore for at least 54 days...

i would contact any rich persons in the world to give more and more to this unbelivable project.
...i would contact any rich persons in the world to give more and more to this unbelivable project.
I think we should start contacting celebs & rich people to ask them to chip in.
Either on Twitter or via email if we can get their email address.

If anyone does manage to try contacting celebs or rich people, please remember a few things :

1) Don't give out their contact details in public, including this forum. They are people too and don't want everyone and their dog spamming them

2) Ask them ONCE. Don't harass them to chip in, if they say no, accept it and move on.

3) Don't demand or state a specific sum, let them decide what they want to do

4) Finally, be polite & respectful, starting your message with "I'm sorry to bother you, but ..." will not hurt.

OK, anyone know how to contact Richard Branson?
EDIT : I just tweeted Richard Branson (and it was a verified account, so it is him)

Next ... anyone know how to contact Bill Gates?
EDIT2 : I just tweeted Bill Gates :D
Haha, worth a try! You need to find rich celebs who play games and are old enough to remember Elite (or just enjoy tech stuff)

Stephen Fry springs to mind for some reason. Even if they themselves don't contribute - retweets to their followers would be valuable to get the word out, no?
I wonder if anyone knows or can get hold of Hawkins ? He has had guest appearances on TV shows like Star Trek (TNG & Voyager) and seems to like Big Bang Theory - presume in his younger days he might have known or even played Elite - would be awesome to have the backing of such a celebrity considering his background :D
Looks like we are now about a third of the way there folks! :cool:
I have been looking at this too often! If you strip out the initial big donations the projection is less rosy. Does DB have some in reserve? Looking at other kickstarter projects that seems to be the usual trend, just need to keep momentum.
What better Christmas gift than a planet named after you!
A friend and I were discussing Dec 21st, and I said imagine the irony if on Dec 20th Elite 4 hits its KS target ...

Then on Dec 21st the world ends :eek:
The Elite Kickstarter campaign started "54 Days To Go" at £405,000
The day counter has clicked down one more day and the total is £419,910

The total did not meet it's daily target of £16,500
It fell short by less that £2,000
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