Water night time reflections

something that makes theme parks absolutely gorgeous at night is the reflections of the lights and rides in the surrounding water. there seems to be none of this with the water we currently have, there is very little reflection of anything at night time and the water doesnt seem to react to lights in any way. please add light reflection from surrounding lights and rides into the water shader PLEASE!
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I think what most PC video games overlook is the light scatter you get in real life which is what lends particular beauty to water at night. In real life, water is pretty much black at night, and the lights bounce off it like sparkling jewels. In video games usually there is far too much ambient light in water at night time, and reflections of light are far too attenuated.
I've noticed that too. I made a darkride and there is a moment when I put my guests in front of a little waterfall.....by Day.....It's just a black thing making water noise at night. [blah]
What's weird though is that the same water effects glow pink and yellow at sunrise and sunset. Would be cool to have the water splashes be at least a little visible underground.