Waterfall particle effect

I don't know if some one already ask for that but we definitely need some waterfall particle effects like in this video to make wide waterfalls.


I suppose that it's not hard to implement and it will be way easier (and better looking) than putting a lot of water jets together.

And thank you Frontier for doing such a great job ! [happy]
So many people have been using the river rapids ride to create rivers with flowing water, which looks great. The devs should just give us a wall of "flowing water" as a scenery object (like the black walls with stars) but similar to the river rapids. Almost feels like were back to the way people were creating water in the alpha [blah] But it would seem to be a lot less taxing on CPUs to use a wall/scenery object instead of a ride to make water. Then they could be turned into any angle (even upside down if somebody chooses so) at least for a hold over until we get more natural flowing waterfalls
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This would be a great addition to the game as I struggle to make waterfalls an have wanted to make a good waterfall since they put water in game