[EMPIRE] WDB Galactic Solutions is hiring new commanders | PS4 | PC | Player faction in game (Age 18+)

WDB GS: Cross platform group looking for PS4 and PC for a player faction [18+ age]

Commanders Wanted!

WDB Galactic Solutions | Contracts Available Now

Founded in 3011 by C. A. Bury, a totalitarian nationalist with ties to Achenar aristocracy, WDB Galactic Solutions was built by the Empire’s staunch sympathizers and their Imperial wealth. Having once favoured government contracts, this growing interstellar corporation have long since branched out from their roots in the imperial slave trade, and now boast an impressive list of services and clientele.
Rumours suggest that the stringency in vetting regulations for their largely freelance workforce has eased, and there are whispers that for the right price…there is no contract that cannot be peddled through this company.

Join us!

Our ED contingent has gradually been increasing, and now having finally had our PMF put into the game - we're looking to expand our ranks!

CMDRs of all experience and skill, and pilots from PS4 and PC platforms welcomed! o7

Discord: https://discord.gg/uCKvGVQ
INARA: https://inara.cz/wing/3705

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