We lost a lot of Commanders today!

Well it's doing better than Microsoft Flight Simulator.
20000+ avg at release. Now (less than a year later) under 5000 avg for the last 3 months.

Good job that's not being constantly updated......oh wait.
You are doing it wrong. For maximum doom effect you need to compare todays low to the peak at release. That's 60000 vs 2500.... :eek:

Maybe it's just complete nonsense though... ;)
The steam numbers have been up 10% PER HOUR since the OP posted. At this rate EVERYONE IN THE WORLD will be playing by peak time! I hope they have enough servers :ROFLMAO:
Well, Steam Charts say ED lost about 31% concurrent players in June, but this is to be expected because of the annual #bazmeson festivities. Plus another 34% during the last 30 days which demand an explanation. As we know, Steam Charts are the only valid and acceptable source of truth around here.

We should do a poll and then write an Open Letter to the Community. Fair is fair. Maybe they all play the forums now.

Meanwhile, I find myself playing for long hours again, in EDO and VR, so it's not my fault ;)

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