We need more distance on the FC

(...)And I have no interest in R2R tourism (scanning systems that have already been discovered), so I'd rather order my carrier's next jump and then go back to playing something else (or doing IRL chores) during that 20-30 minutes of wait time. 🤷‍♂️
Same, but I travel to some point, explore virgin area here and when bored go away to next "seems good" point. Half explorer, half traveller. o7 friend and many ELWs discovered.
Defintely on board with this ideal of longer jump range for the fleet carrier. Also, either remote mangement of Tritium fuel resupply, or (shock and gasps) my AI crew actually automatically handles that for me. Espeically given the fact that there is an upkeep cost associated to owning a fleet carrier, and my credits are spent on that upkeep regardless if I have logged into the game or not. With a five billion credit investment into a fleet carrier I would hope that hefty investment would be more meaningful in the long run.
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